Other Charter Support

Aerial construction support

Geotech Aviation offers aerial lifting support for any aerial construction and support projects in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner in hard-to-reach areas with minimal impact on the environment. Our experienced and highly-skilled flight crew will fly any long-line vertical reference project with high precision.

Fire suppression

Geotech Aviation has the experience and equipment to offer various fire-suppression solutions.

Our versatile, mission equipped and powerful fleet of AS350B3 helicopters are ideal for water dropping by Bambi Bucket™, firefighter crew transport, vertical long-line reference, logistical support, mountainous terrain reconnaissance and confined area landings.

Utility services

We offer a range of other utility flying services, including:

  • Wildlife and GPS surveys
  • Hydro and pipeline patrols
  • Valuable asset and cargo transportation
  • Search and rescue support


Geotech Aviation's worldwide operational experience and aircraft location means that we can provide our clients with custom passenger charters and VIP transportation to any destination, with a focus on cost-effectiveness, safety, reliability and security.